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What's Vitality?

In Vitality, you play as a ghost cat that's trying to get back home. Ride a maze of power lines through a cyberpunk city to reach nearby satellite dishes—maybe someday you'll find one that's powerful enough to launch you back home. The game's key feature is its flowy, zen-like mechanics: ride the wires, pick up speed to make huge jumps, and avoid obstacles.​

Project Overview

Game Details

Game built for: Global Game Jam 

- Genre: Meditative rails-rider indie game

Platform: PC

Game Engine: Unity

- My roles: Game designer · Environment artist · UX Programmer

Logistics Breakdown

Vitality - Thumbnail

- Year: 2018

- Project Duration: 3 days

- Team size: 3


End of the Line
End of the Line

If you reach the end of one of the wires, you'll be propelled off into space.

press to zoom
Safety Net
Safety Net

If you fall onto a wire, it will catch you and send you riding in a new direction.

press to zoom

Avoid the red-colored hazards scattered around the city. If you hit one, the level restarts.

press to zoom
End of the Line
End of the Line

If you reach the end of one of the wires, you'll be propelled off into space.

press to zoom


My contributions

  • ​Worked with team to develop initial pitch + mechanic

  • Gathered and pitched reference to set mood of the game

  • Designed several sets of background pieces and props to populate the levels

  • Implemented several of the base systems for the intro screen, level selection, audio events, player-triggered events, etc.

  • Worked with Patrick to get him the art assets he needed to flesh out the levels and visual effects

  • Created art for and implemented several key gameplay elements like the satellites, TV keys, wire terminals, obstacles, etc.

Vitality - Mood Board

Early mood boards I put together to help us nail down a gamefeel + aesthetic

Vitality - Collection of Background Elements
Vitality - Collection of Obstcles

Showing the Game

  • Showcased the game with the team at the end of the Global Game Jam

  • Players tended to stick around to play until the end of the game (~30 minutes of gameplay over five increasingly difficult levels)

  • Won Judges Choice award 

Background elements, props, and set pieces I built to populate the levels

Vitality - Showcasing the Game

Showcasing the game at the end of Global Game Jam

Vitality - Judges' Choie Awrd

Vitality won the Pittsburgh Judges' Choice Award

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