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What's Vitality?

In Vitality, you play as a ghost cat that's trying to get back home. Ride a maze of power lines through a cyberpunk city to reach nearby satellite dishes—maybe someday you'll find one that's powerful enough to launch you back home. The game's key feature is its flowy, zen-like mechanics: ride the wires, pick up speed to make huge jumps, and avoid obstacles.​

Project Overview

Game Details

Game built for: Global Game Jam 

- Genre: Meditative rails-rider indie game

Platform: PC

Game Engine: Unity

- My roles: Game designer · Environment artist · UX Programmer

Logistics Breakdown

Vitality - Thumbnail

- Year: 2018

- Project Duration: 3 days

- Team size: 3



My contributions

  • ​Worked with team to develop initial pitch + mechanic

  • Gathered and pitched reference to set mood of the game

  • Designed several sets of background pieces and props to populate the levels

  • Implemented several of the base systems for the intro screen, level selection, audio events, player-triggered events, etc.

  • Worked with Patrick to get him the art assets he needed to flesh out the levels and visual effects

  • Created art for and implemented several key gameplay elements like the satellites, TV keys, wire terminals, obstacles, etc.

Vitality - Mood Board

Early mood boards I put together to help us nail down a gamefeel + aesthetic

Vitality - Collection of Background Elements
Vitality - Collection of Obstcles

Showing the Game

  • Showcased the game with the team at the end of the Global Game Jam

  • Players tended to stick around to play until the end of the game (~30 minutes of gameplay over five increasingly difficult levels)

  • Won Judges Choice award 

Background elements, props, and set pieces I built to populate the levels

Vitality - Showcasing the Game

Showcasing the game at the end of Global Game Jam

Vitality - Judges' Choie Awrd

Vitality won the Pittsburgh Judges' Choice Award

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