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Protect the Meeper is a frenetically-paced VR  game where players keep The Meeper, a soft and squeaky alien war machine, safe from a swarm of enemy robots. It was built for Schell Games Jam Week 2017.

What's the Meeper?

Project Overview

Game Details

Game built for: Schell Games Jam Week 

- Genre: Full-body tower object defense

Platform: Oculus Rift + Vive

Game Engine: Unity

- My roles: Project Director · Game designer · Programmer

Logistics Breakdown

- Year: 2016

- Project Duration: 5 days

- Team size: 8

Protect the Meeper - holding the meeper



My Contributions

  • Design I was responsible for:

    • High level game pitch

    • First pass of the system design and implementation (grabbing + interaction, enemy behavior + wave spawning, weapon design + behavior, etc.)

    • Content implementation + iteration (weapons, difficulty levels, etc.)

    • Directed team of 7 people in finishing + polishing the rest of the prototype over the course of Jam Week

    • Early explanations of how the systems worked for the team to use during production

Protect the Meeper - Flyswatter work in progress
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