Pocket Wine-O

An app prototype for novice wine buyers

Allow users to easily make an educated decision about buying wine
Pocket Wine-O was a semester-long group project undertaken for the class Designing Human-Centered Software in Carnegie Mellon's Human-Computer Interaction department. The project's purpose was employ various user-experience testing techniques to prototype and iterate upon an idea for an app, culimating in the development of a hi-fi prototype.
My main contributions to this project were in the early stages of design and user testing. Over the course of the project, we built paper prototypes which were then tested on potential users, designed methods of contextual inquiry to determine which features should be included, and iterated on the design as we got feedback.
Early Wireframes
Paper Prototyping
Early Hi-Fi
Some early sketches of the feature layout for the app
A part of one of the paper prototypes and some of the tasks that were presented to early testers
Some of the early stand-in hi-fi imagery on the app