Game Design

Explorations in video, board, card, and party game design

Explorations in video, board, card, and party game design




Explorations in video, board, 

card, and party game design






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[Video game: Unity, Blender, Photoshop]

  • Play as a ghost and possess various objects around a 1920s speakeasy.

  • Used as an opportunity to practice using modeling, lighting, and level design to create a compelling environment

[2D Digital game: Photoshop, Illustrator]

  • Play as a deer that has unwittingly wandered out of familiar territory. Learn about the dangers of this new area to find your way home.

  • Global Game Jam submission for 2014

[Party game: tape, sticks, assorted prize items]

  • A multi-player, fun-to-watch variant on the classic game Hopscotch  

  • Exercise in playtesting and asking for useful feedback to make the game enjoyable both to play and to spectate

[Party card game: cards, paper, tokens]

  • Hey, you’re a super villain! Anything goes as long as you don’t get caught!

  • Improvisational card game about logical fallacies

[Video game: Photoshop, Unity]

  • You and a friend need to drag your drunken friends to safety after a night of hard partying

  • Global Game Jam submission for 2015

November - December 2013

March - April 2014






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March - June 2015






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February 2014

January 2014

February - March 2014






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February 2015






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[Virtual reality: Oculus Rift, Unity, LEAP Motion, Arduino]

  • An experiment to see how haptics could be used with virtual reality to simulate touch

  • Includes research into virtual environments that could most effectively use this style of tactile feedback

June - August 2015

[Board game: game mat, paper, tokens]

  • 2-4 players take control of a small band of roaming thieves with the goal of capturing loot from traveling caravans

  • Board and dice game


[Video game: Unity, Blender]

  • You’ve fallen into a dark cave. Your camera's flash is your only source of light. Find your way out.

  • Experiments with level design, setting a mood, and keeping the player's interest

I designed (or helped to design) these video, board, and card games over the past few years. All of the games below hold some form of entertainment value and have been run through a series of playtests as part of the iteration process.


In building these games, I have practiced level design, narrative design, mechanic design, rapid prototyping, and playtesting. To a lesser extent, I have also developed skills in audio design, lighting design, 3D modeling, texturing, and tutorial design.






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[Virtual reality: HTC Vive, Unity]

  • Use an assortment of pipes to get the colorful water to the water bears that need it.

  • Systems thinking puzzle game for virtual reality; internship project with Schell Games 2015

June - August 2015






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[Video game: Unity, Photoshop]

  • Guide the friendly cultists safely through their summoning ritual by moving the power orb to the correct runes. Keep the beat or accept the consequences.
  • Built and submitted for the Pittsburgh's 2016 Global Game Jam; winner of the Judge's Choice Award.


February 2016