Warning Signs: Environmental Issues in the USA
This was a semester-long project for the class Human Experience in Design. We were given a jumble of text from which we first had to construct a hypothetical book's table of contents and title. We then designed first a poster advertisement and then a mobile-friendly website for the book's release.
In an effort to differentiate this book from the many green, friendly environmental books on the market, this design experiments with a more dire, warning tone. Oranges and yellows were the dominate colors employed in the advertisements and out of the provided imagery that we could employ, the more provocative were chosen.
Desktop Website
Advertising Poster
Table of Contents
Mobile Website
In accordance with the project guidelines, the desktop website includes chapter previews as well as announcements for the book's sale.
Included in the poster are provided quotes, the list of chapters, and required imagery.
The original table of contents was pulled together from the original jumble of paragraphs that was given to us.
The mobile vesion of the website shown above is based on a design shown in class.