Early sketch of the beginning of the level

Make sure your friends don't wander too far; you might not get them back!

Example of a player grabbing a drunken friend NPC

Example of a distraction luring away your friends

Game Over screen (Courtesy of Rachel Moeller)

Under-sketch for the first part of the level


Level Design

  • Two-player game: work together to guide your drunken friends safely to the bus stop while carefully avoiding potential distractions
  • Submission for Global Game Jam 2015
  • Collaboration with MacKenzie Bates (programmer) and Rachel Moeller (character animator)
  • My major contribution to the project: level design and environment art
  • First part of the level designed to teach players to herd their friends through the streets without any nearby dangers
  • First restaurant and first distraction are introduced soon after initial tutorial area
  • More dangers become present as players become more skilled with maintaining a hold on their friends


  • Controls are deliberately a little off-kilter to simulate tipsiness for the player-characters
  • Players can press E to reach out to a drunken friend and drag them away from distractions
  • The drunken friends generally stay together in a rough formation and can be led by the players
  • Players need to stop by restaurant checkpoints before the timer runs out (to stave off the munchies)
  • If a friend gets too close to a distraction, they are lost forever and the players lose points