Refugees from the far future have come to the present to escape an apocalyptic
'Time War'..."

- Electric Purple Studios


Completed Cards



Rough Sketches


ERASERMEN: A frightening organization that makes problems disappear
DISREPAIR: an abandoned nuclear power plant

Finished paintings for the card faces. Painted and textured in Photoshop.


DISREPAIR: an abandoned nuclear power plant
ERASERMEN: A frightening organization that makes problems disappear
AIRSTRIKE: WWII-era bombers attack Elizabethan London
CHRONOTROOPER: A sniper in the past targeting someone in the distant future at the location of a future city
ASSASSIN: A politician known to rise to power is targeted by an assassin before he can take control
DOOMED TO REPEAT IT: A knife blade stabbing through a bloody history book
EXTRA FUNDING: A briefcase full of a currency from various countries and time periods
FORCE FIELD PROJECTOR: A marble statue with a force-field projector strapped to its hand
A collection of the sketches for card concepts that have not been fully painted
FIELD RESEARCHERS: Several archaeologists uncoverning an ancient spaceship from the bedrock
BUDGET SLASHED: A scientist quietly leaving their abandoned lab for the last time
ADAPTIVE TACTICS: Military commanders observing battles via a holographic map table
OIL WELLS: An oil field raised in the middle of the Jurassic period
OUT OF TIME: A covered wagon is attacked by a drone
PARADOX AGENT: An agent patiently waiting for their target
SPACE MARINES: A captured English Redcoat awestruck by the view of Earth from the bridge of a space station
ON THE DOUBLE: A tribute to the film Back to the Future featuring the fiery tire tracks of the Delorean
HEAVY ARTILLERY: A large laser hidden in Mount Vesuvius
STRATEGIC RESERVE: Soldiers of several time periods are sent through portals to different battles
SUPER TANK: An enormous, town-sized tank

Timeline is a collaboration with Tim Vaughan and Matt Kaemmerer of Electric Purple Studios. It is a card game in which the players may use various time-travel mechanics to gain an edge over their opponents. My contribution to the project is largely through designing and digitally painting the artwork for the cards.


The theme of the game is based on a war between two governments with the ability to travel through time. This ability lets them sabotage their enemies' plans in the past and bring important assets to the future; the art of the cards is designed to reflect the anachronisms and paradoxes that arise from these actions. The visuals are also marked by a blue glow indicating the time travel technology's presence. 


Included in this piece are several brief sketches as well as a few finished pieces of art for the cards.