Interaction Demo




This piece is dedicated to my friend Henry


The main inspiration for this piece was the loss of my friend. It is a quiet experience in which the observer may explore the fishing vessel that they find themselves on or step off the edge to fly with the flocks of fish they see in the night sky. The experience features the symphony The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives.

The flocking behaviors of the fish were drawn from both Dan Shiffman’s Nature of Code as well as Craig Reynolds‘ work on steering. The works of artists such as John Gerrard and Tale of Tales were also influential.

Video documentation detailing how one might interact with this environment.
The observer spends most of their time on the deck of the boat, but once they step off of the edge they find that they can fly among the fish.
The ship was modeled off of a large fishing trawler; the fish were desigend to be simple but recognizable when swimming.
Initial sketches of the ship drawn to determine the feel of the experience.