A large part of the project was initially inspired by the electroswing genre of music, particularly that by the group Caravan Palace.

The main mechanic is a combination of physics-based movement and a possession ability; when aiming at a possessable object, the player's control jumps from their current host to the new one.


Sneakeasy was a game concept developed in the spring of 2014 for the classes Game Design and Experimental Game Design at the Entertainment Technology Center and Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of this project was to explore to main areas: 


  1. Develop an interesting mechanic

  2. Explore visual style, mood, and asset creation

In addition, there as a lengthly period of playtesting that focused on player reactions to the mechanics, visual style, ability to find objects in the level, and more details. The full report of each playtest can be found here.

The end result of the experiment was a prototype with a largely complete environment and a rudimentary game. 


Level Design

Mechanics Demo

A shot of the central circle and game materials
A shot of the central circal and game materials

The level went through several iterations with a focus on a central goal area and several vertical areas to explore.


Environment Development


 You are cordially  invited to the  Crossroads..."