OneNote Envisioning

You've been collecting useful info from the Internet for several months. Now what?

June - August 2014

A hypothetical arrangement of information in a user's OneNote

A selection of the notes from a collaborative brainstorming session

A considerable amount of the design process: Brainstorming sessions, flow diagrams, hypothetical note configurations

One of the main questions driving the design process

OneNote's Strengths

  • Free-form note taking and composition
  • Helping the user to gather and store useful information from the Internet
  • Using its suite of Capture tools to save anything from website content to voice recordings

Room for improvement

  • Keeping track of relevant information after a few months of heavy data gathering
  • Reminding the user of important information that can otherwise can easily get lost
  • A lack of tools for easily remixing and applying saved information to new projects

The Design Problem

  • Observe what kind of information users store in OneNote
  • Hypothesize what kinds of situations could arise in which people need to quickly access, combine, or remix the information that they stored hours, days, or months earlier
  • Develop new features and structures within OneNote to help users more effectively use their information
  • Consider the effect of new Capture techniques on the amount of information that a user may have stored in OneNote; the ability to save web clippings, for example, has increased the amount of information stored by users by an order of magnitude
  • Microsoft Design Internship: June 2014 - August 2014
  • Design challenge: How do we help people access the information that they stored in OneNote when they need it? How can we use search, organization, predictive software, etc. to bring the most relevant information to the surface when it is needed?
  • Please Note: Due to the envisioning status of this project, the full documentation is not available online; additional relevant documentation material may be viewed in person should the need arise