Visual Documentation

Observation is no substitute for your own personal experience.
The viewer is dropped into a desert. There is very little besides sand and fallen stones. The only two things of much interest: the doors and the keys scattered around the landscape.

Upon picking up a key, the viewer can carry it to an arch to see a video play from the outside world. The key disintegrates and after the customary six seconds of Vine video, the image disappears.

The interaction is a reminder to leave the Internet every once in a while. There is an amazing world out there and you can only interact with it on a surface level if you never leave your computer to experience it for yourself.


Interaction Demo

Environment Design


The world is designed to be isolating and empty. The user can nominally interact with the world, but they can't do much more than watch.
This experience was built using Unity3D and Blender.
This experience was built using Unity3D and Blender.