Game Design
The game went through several playtests and iterations over the course of its design. The rules for moving and attacking with bandits was originally too convoluted to follow and several unnecessary elements were stripped from the rules.

The game was revised a total of ten times. The full report of brainstorming, revisions, rules changes, and conclusions can be found here.

The project was begun as an assignemt for the Game Design class at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center in which we had to design a dice game. The object of this game is to use your small group of bandits to attack and steal from wandering caravans as they cross through the forest.

The bandits take the form of small glass stones that can be moved independently into the path of a caravan. A caravan's size and relative difficulty is displayed through the size and color of the caravan card moving across the board, but only when it is attacked and flipped over is its true strength and worth revealed. If a team of bandits succeeds in defeating a caravan, they may choose to either steal money from it or recruit new bandits to expand their troop. The player with the most money at the end wins.