Traditional Drawing

Drawings in pen, charcoal, and pencil

Figure drawings, sketches, and projects in traditional mediums

A collection of 2D projects in traditional mediums, specifically pen, pencil, and charcoal. A large portion of these drawings are figure drawings in various poses; also included are sketches or completed projects with both realistic and stylized approaches.


The collection spans the last few years and project durations range from hours to weeks.



Assorted Drawings

Skeleton Sketch
Reclining Man
Farewell, Leviathan
Skull in Desert
Gnarled tree
Cat skeleton in studio
Reclining woman
Body mass study
Reclining Figure
Reclining figure
Accident in three panels
Growing Up
Sleeping figure
Seahorse penwork
Arm study
Thinking figure
Branch study in pen
Glancing figure
Reclining figure
City Guardian sketch
Abandoned Instruments
Standing figure
Standing figure
Standing figure
Sitting figure