Exquisite Museum

Photogrammetry collaboration using artifacts from the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

October 2015

The Hall of Inquisition: Front view

Hall of Bygone Times features a mammoth skeleton, several items from the Carnegie Hall of Architecture, and landscape paintings

All of the galleries were constructed in Unity

The Concept

Each participant constructed one or more galleries

The Hall of Inquisition includes several instances of an Austrian suit of armor as well as architectural artifacts

Step 1: Sparse cloud built from different camera angles

Step 2: Dense cloud of mammoth 

Final step: Fully rendered and textured 3D model

Original scan of the 16th century Austrian suit of armor

One of the 71 photos taken of the mammoth

Rough scan of the Carnegie Museum's Hall of Architecture


The Process

Completed Piece

Team at work at the STUDIO (photo courtesy of Specular)

  • Collaboration with Specular, the Frank Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, and members of the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh communities

  • Scanned art, architecture, fossils and historical artifacts from the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh using photogrammetry

  • Assembled virtual galleries in Unity from the reconstructed 3D models

  • Three day project at the museum and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

The Hall of Bygone Times

  • Final composition coming soon! (currently under construction by Specular)

  • Each person contributed one or more galleries to the museum

  • My two contributions: The Hall of Bygone Times and the Hall of Inquisition

  • Completed piece will allow visitors to wander through the Exquisite Museum using virtual reality

  • Photogrammetry process:

    1. Take a series of photos of an artifact from various angles

    2. Load photos into PhotoScanPro

    3. Generate a point cloud from key points on the artifact using the photo series

    4. Render a 3D model and a texture map from the  point cloud 

  • Day 1 of the project was spent scanning artifacts from the museum

  • Day 2 was spent cleaning the scans and generating the models

  • Day 3 was spent assembling virtual galleries in Unity using the models