Those things in the dark can hear you talking. Get out of here before your world unravels.

October 2014 - Present

Early iteration of dining area

Rough sketch of original tutorial level

Layout of original tutorial level

Layout for the current demo's tutorial level

Layout of second set of rooms in original level

Planned player paths in late-game demo; deliberate splits introduced


Level Design


Overhead view of tutorial level

Top view of previous iteration level layout

Top down map of last level itereation

Part of the library level from the last iteration

First person view of part of the tutorial level with visible second player

Layout for theater area of the current demo

  • Experimental horror game for two players
  • Players need to investigate the unexpected halt of renovations to an old private theatre 
  • Ongoing collaboration with Connor Fallon and Alex Moser since fall of 2015
  • Current task: designing levels for vertical slice

Player Communication

  • Two players sit in different rooms 
  • Players communicate over voice chat
  • The farther apart the player's characters are in the game, the harder it is for them to hear each other
  • Monsters are attracted to sound


Player Perception

  • The farther the players get in the game, the more their environments diverge
  • A small, empty room for one player might appear as an echoing cavern for the other
  • Environment becomes increasingly distorted and surreal

Design Considerations

  • Relatively safe tutorial areas to introduce dangers and limits of voice communication, cooperative puzzles
  • Building recognizable set pieces that become distorted later in the game
  • Splitting up player characters to heighten tension
  • Increasingly divergent level design for each player


Previous Iteration

  • Large house: bedroom suite, library, kitchens, cellars


Current Iteration

  • Abandoned private theatre with signs of both attempted upkeep and evident disrepair